MMO Games To Play For Free

MMO is also known as Massively Multiplayer Online game where in several hundreds of players can play the game at the same time. It is possible to play an MMO game only if the player is connected to the internet. There are several hundreds of such friv available online these days that can be played for free or with a nominal subscription fee that needs to be paid monthly. There are different categories of MMO games available like Sci-Fi games, Fantasy games, 2D games, Shooter games, 3D games, Racing games, sports games and much more. In this article we have put together some of the best MMO games available on the internet. is a great website where you can find several MMO games and their reviews too.

Lost Saga

The Lost saga is a 3D fighting MMO game that is free to play. This game was developed by IO Entertainment and published by OG Planet. The players are titled Heroes in this MMO and while playing the game, each player has to purchase a Hero from the game shop or earn a Hero depending on how and when they level up in the game. A player can obtain up to 12 Heroes by default. However if the player wants more Hero’s then empty slots can be purchased too at the game shop. Once the player joins Lost Saga, he can start off on his own adventures and complete his tasks and then level up to unlock much superior heroes. The players can directly take part in a battle or take part in a battle through a team match. This is a fast paced game and it supports close to 16 players at a time. The other great thing about this game is that it allows customization to a large extent. So from clothing to skills to attributes everything can be customized for each and every hero. Players gain access to various equipments that they can while combating their enemies. There are several equipments that they can pick up and players can even try out their own unique combination of weapons.

Tales Runner

Tales Runner is created by Rhaon Entertainment and is published by NOWCOM. This MMO has a little bit of social, racing and fantasy elements in it which makes this game very interesting to play. This game is all about racing competitions organized by King Henry of a beautiful country. The racing competition is called the Fairyland Sightseeing Racing Competitions. The participants in the race are called Tale Runners and they have to run through different maps and complete different tasks in order to proceed to the next level. During their race they collect several game cards, points, coins and much more that will help them level up. The winner of this racing competition is awarded a stone that is a wish granting stone which has the abilities to fulfill every wish. The game gives the player an exhilarating feeling all throughout and thus is a great must play free Run 3 game for all ages.

Engaging With Multiplayer Games Online

Are you an avid gamer and looking for ways to while away time with a great game? A strong suggestion is that you try the many multiplayer games online and see if they suit your taste good. Right now, loads of multiplayer games are offered for free and for a fee. Whichever game you decide to play, it will not matter for as long as you get the fun and excitement that you truly deserve. Let’s get engage on one of the best .io game which is online.

RPG or role playing games usually are the kind of game that multiplayer games online are classified under. Here, player assumes the role of the character that they prefer. Each one has their abilities, special powers, items, and weaknesses. The goal is to complete the mission given to you with whatever your character may have.

This category of multiplayer game online also follows a rich back story that frames the character you use. This one puts you in the right mood for the game. Intensive graphics normally comes with it to further make players even more engrossed with the game.

Good examples of these games would be Ragnarok for boys and the popular Facebook game Farmville for the girls. These two games are poles apart when it comes to the goals, backgrounds, graphics, story, and all other concepts surrounding the game. But they are both multiplayers offered online nonetheless. You see, this type of game is developed in different textures and forms. Surely, one would perfectly fit you.

Many of these games might be found for free while some require membership in order to play them. Free games are always better, because you may try them without any obligation. Play it all you want and simply upgrade to paid membership, if it has an option for that, so you level up your game. Other multiplayer games online are practically free to play but you would have to pay for the special items and skills that you might want to go with your character.

The main concept of multiplayer games online is to collate all players together into one big playing field. Here, you will meet characters that are not computer-driven but are controlled by another human player just like you. In these games, you interact with other players. You can treat them as your enemy or as part of your party. You determine which players can be your allies and which of them are rough enough to be rivals.

There are different concepts behind multiplayer games. It is not hard to find shooting games or fighting multiplayer games online. Choose the one that is made along the type of game that you enjoy most. If you love building empires and fighting as a group, the multiplayer game called Imperial Online could be a nice option for you.

Multiplayer games online would require you to setup an account that is tied to the chosen character. This way, you are able to log in to the game portal and continue where you left off. Most of these games are infinite, meaning there is no really end to it. You only get stronger and powerful the more you play with it.

Which Android Famous Games You Can Play Online

For several years now, Android has been among the leading mobile operating systems in the world. It has managed to stay relevant because it has continually expanded its horizons to include more amazing features. Among the many amazing features of the android platform is that you can be able to play countless cool games on your Android device. Most of these games are available for free while others require you to purchase them. According to research, games are the most downloaded applications on Android platform. So far, users have downloaded hundreds of millions of games. You can play the online version of Ski switch chilly snow on desktop without downloading the android app.

You can play android games on PC

If you have been using your Android device to play games on your device then you certainly are aware of the pleasure that comes from doing so. Now there is even more good news. You can now be able to play Android games on your computer or laptop. You are probably wondering why you would want to play android mobile games on a PC. There are several advantages of this. First, if your device does not use the Android platform but you love to play Android games, you can now do so on the PC. You can also try out the balls game which is famous with the name of color ballz.

Secondly, you can test any games on the computer or laptop before installing them on your android device. Regardless of the android mobile device you are using, you can agree that space is an issue. You cannot go installing every game you come across otherwise you will fill your device’s memory and affect its general speed and function. Developers are aware of the huge popularity of android games, and they want to capitalize on these by developing as many games as possible. Hence, you can test these android games on the computer to determine if they are worthy to be on your phone.

How this is possible

Playing Android games on your computer or laptop is possible through the use of certain applications that developers have recently created. There are several different such apps out there but you have to be careful which one you choose. Most of them allow you to sync your android mobile apps to your PC. This way, you can enjoy playing your favorite games on a big screen. The first step to using such software is to download it to your computer. You then need to install it in your computer before you begin using it. It is as simple as a few clicks to begin syncing your mobile apps to the PC.


What better reason to run forever than the threat of jail time?

Having never possessed the stamina required to complete a marathon, I feel a resentment of sorts towards endless runner games. How come the hero in Temple Run can run as far as he likes – skill of player permitting – and I can barely run two miles? And don’t tell me exercise, because that clearly isn’t what gives the characters of Subway Surfers an advantage. No, they have access to jetpacks and hoverboards. Not fair. Play subway surfers online game for free.

Not unlike my day-to-day life, the goal of Subway Surfersis to evade the cops at all costs. This means dodging trains, jumping hurdles, and taking advantage of power-ups like the previously mentioned hoverboard. It’s as though the developers read my diary and decided to make a game out of it.


The controls aren’t unlike what you find in most endless runners: Swipe left and right to switch lanes, up to jump, and down to tuck and roll. If you’ve any power-ups or items in your arsenal, a double-tap will activate them. It’s a very streamlined control scheme, which compliments the reaction-heavy style of gameplay. That said, I still occasionally leap to the left when I clearly should have leaped to the right.

Being that it’s a 3D endless runner, there are plenty of comparisons to be made to Temple Run. That said, the developers of Subway Surfers avoided turning it into anything close to a carbon copy. Having seen many a clone arrive and get promptly removed from the App Store, the distinctions are plenty appreciated. For starters, there’s no sort of tilt mechanic for gathering coins. On top of that, there are no corners you have to turn, making it easier to plan moves ahead of time. This results in the game being a bit easier, which, depending on who you are, may or may not be a good thing.

The power-ups in Subway Surfers add a level of variety to the gameplay. There’s a magnet that attracts any and all coins you’re near, boots that increase your speed, a jetpack that places you above all the obstacles, and more. You can earn them by playing the game, but the option to purchase and upgrade them via in-game store also exists. You can get quite a bit of currency for just $0.99, but the game is good about giving you a decent amount from just playing.


Similar to Jetpack Joyride and many others, Subway Surfers offers a collection of missions that add objectives outside of just “run as far as you can.” One, for example, requires you to tuck and roll 30 times total while playing. And in an effort to stoke that just-one-more-time appeal of endless runners, there are “daily challenges” that must be completed in the span of – you guessed it – a day.

It didn’t happen all too often, but an occasional dip in framerate led me to an untimely crash into the back of a train. It’s the kind of thing you can brush off in most games, but it can take a serious toll on games like Subway Surferthat demand fast reaction times.

It makes little attempt to stand out from other endless runners, but it’s hard not to appreciate the polish of Subway Surfers. The controls are responsive, the gameplay is addictive, and it doesn’t try and force you into spending cash on in-game items. It understands what people love about the genre, and it provides just about everything one could ask for.

FarmVille Strategy Guide – Mastering the Game

There used to be a time when I wasn’t very good at playing FarmVille. I didn’t have a clue on how to do anything with my with my Facebook FarmVille account. In fact, I didn’t even know that you had to log into your Facebook account every day so that you could take care of your crops. I found a strategy that helped my change all this.

Before I found this FarmVille strategy guide, I wanted to be a master of crop growing, but I didn’t even have a clue on how to start, what seeds to buy, or even where and when to plant them. I had no idea how often I should log back into my Facebook account and check my FarmVille status. Once you master growing crops such as soybeans, bell peppers, squash, watermelon, wheat, artichokes and even eggplant. All these things help make you a successful farmer in FarmVille. There is also one similar game like farmville which lordzio game unblocked.

If I wanted to I could sit on FarmVille all day long trying to figure out the secrets that make a farm work, but I don’t have that kind of time. I have a to go to work, must take care my family, and keep up with the household chores – real life activities. All these things that get in my way of taking care of my FarmVille Farm, so I needed an answer. I needed a FarmVille strategy guide that could help get my farm producing crops and making money.

I also wanted to go up in levels so I could own the things that really matter in FarmVille, such as villas and windmills and orchards. Well now I have all this stuff. I have two guest villas for all the visitors that come to my farm. I have livestock. I have a dairy farm, and I even have windmills producing electricity for me. The best part is that I am the master of several different crops and I owe it all to an e-book called FarmVille Secrets.

This FarmVille strategy guide helped me achieve everything that I wanted to as a FarmVille farmer. I now have over two million coins and that allows me to build any farm I want. I can even create themes around my farm, and that is just nothing but fun! I really love this game now. There have been several occasions when my Facebook friends, and competing FarmVille counterparts, send me nasty emails accusing me of cheating. The sad truth is that they don’t have the knowledge that I gained. I have suggested some tips and tricks that I learned from the FarmVille Secrets book, and then they love me. Little do they know I have many more aces up my sleeve.

Using this strategy guide I accomplished everything I wanted to very quickly and it didn’t interfere with my real-life tasks. I highly recommend FarmVille Secrets to anyone and if you want to be a master crop grower then you should give this FarmVille strategy guide to read. It has step-by-step instructions on how to do almost anything in FarmVille. Even if you are an absolute beginner, this FarmVille strategy guide will point you in the right direction.

I never used to play FarmVille but my Facebook friends kept playing it. Until I read the farmville secrets review, I didn’t know which strategy to follow. Now I know.