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 Author Thread: Has anyone ordered from RIAfashions or 786shop?
RitaCeleste is not online. Last active: 1/25/2009 7:50:51 AM RitaCeleste
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Has anyone ordered from RIAfashions or 786shop?
Posted: 25 Jan 2009 07:26 AM
With Ria fashions the size chart seems off a bit. I wanted to know from someone who has ordered from them how the sizes run. I'm a size 14 american, wear a large in American clothing. The measurements for what they call a US size 14 look big and they say I'd be in a 2X or something.
I want to make sure 786shop is a real shop. Peoples clothes arrived. What quality they are. And having never order from outside the country what kind of shipping charges there are. They estimate shipping but is that just to get it to the US and then I have shipping within the US charges as well?
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Re: Has anyone ordered from RIAfashions or 786shop?
Posted: 04 Feb 2009 05:09 PM
Hi RitaCeleste,

Welcome to the Community! Unfortunately, we do not have a large following yet so it might be awhile before anyone can answer your question. I do hope that someone will be able to sooner rather than later.

I can not speak from experience with either shop since we pretty much order all our Indian clothing through our own site but I can tell you from many years in this business that alot of shops/businesses online and in real locations such as local shops, etc. have a large variety when it comes to their sizing. This is because Indian fashions are not really manufactured to be purchased "off the rack" the way we do in the USA or other European countries. Most Indian clothing is custom tailored by the family seamstress or tailor or through the shop they purchase them from. Therefore, you end up with alot of shops/businesses offering "ready made" sizing of their own. This means you can end up with some pretty interesting proportions if the company doesn't have a good deal of experience with making clothing for varied sizes.

My best advice as an Indian fashions business owner would be to make sure you understand their sizing and their return policy before you order. You should be able to submit some of your questions to them by email or phone and any company worth their salt will answer as many questions as necessary for you to feel comfortable ordering. If they don't answer and you are sure they received your questions, it might not be a place to order from because if anything does go wrong with your order, you are going to be left with a customer service department that might be non-existant.

For example, at our website, we offer only salwar style pants in ready made sizing because the other style of pants are just too fitted to be done in ready made sizing. (We also offer custom sizing on salwar suits.) Therefore, ready made items are returnable but custom made items are not. Thankfully, we go over our custom orders with a fine tooth comb which minimizes the chances of receiving an item that doesn't fit and stand behind our work even if it is a custom piece (for example, if an error is made on our part you are not stuck with your item). I am not meaning to "toot our own horn" here, just telling you how we are set up so you can have an idea of what to look for in other companies. Wishing you the best of luck and hope that someone with personal experience with these companies can shed some light on your questions.

Best Regards,
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