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 Author Thread: Bella Sara Royalty - Is Change Good?
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Bella Sara Royalty - Is Change Good?
Posted: 15 May 2009 08:09 AM
I was recently sent three packs of the new Bella Sara Royalty series by Hidden City Games, the licensor of Bella Sara, to preview and review with my daughter. The card designs are still familiar enough, even with the original artwork and new horses, to feel like the Bella Sara experience we know and love. My daughter and I loved looking at the new horses, the new royalty theme and the new artwork. They are as beautiful as ever and we loved the new additions! In fact, the only visible difference is the inclusion of the new tickets with the one online activation code and the subsequent missing activation codes from each card. Although random horses are assigned for every ticket activation code, Hidden City has worked out a system that will only assign horses you do not have in the Royalty series. In conclusion, change can be a good thing but even the smallest change has an adjustment period. My advice to Bella Sara fans: give it a little time, you may end up loving this new system!
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